Matt Cooper - Round 2

Went to PPIR with a lot of uncertainties, but overall I had a blast. Probably one of the funnest tracks I've ridden.
The only down side is you only get one day a year to put it together and try to go fast. Took me all of Friday to get it figured out but Saturday practice I was feeling good, went out and about the 2nd lap in .....braaaawwwblahahhhh blapp blapp...the bike sounds like complete shit lol. The exhaust clamp that holds the exhaust to the manifold let loose and the two separated.
No big deal except the engineers at KTM decided to really put a lot of time and thought into that clamp and filled it with some special ring made out of unitanium only found on the highest peaks in Hungary πŸ™„
But thank my lucky stars Imperial Sportbikes happen to have one . A HUGE THANK YOU to Ryan Heagle who picked it up and drove all the way down Sunday morning. 
Unfortunately that left me to figure out NovO that day. Do I drop the race or jury rig something together? Half a roll of safety wire later and some exhaust wrap I had something of a bird nest under my motor holding it all together. I feel like Brett Leveque would have been thoroughly impressedπŸ˜‚
It held for the race and I made it work.
NovO started 23rd finished 20th😬
You might of noticed our team tents this year... there's only like a dozen of them, if you haven't Mother Nature certainly did and seemed determined to try and HULK SMASH the crap out of them Saturday evening. Imagine 20+ people hanging on for dear life trying to keep from flying awayπŸŒͺ🌬 
We luckily survived and only lost a couple pets and one small childπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
The goal: don't let Matt Meyer beat youπŸ˜‚
He launches like a bat outa hell and I end up right behind him. After following for a lap I decided to get em outa 2 and try and out brake him into 3. Boom mission accomplished. 
Last lap of the race we hit some lappers and he almost...I mean this closeπŸ‘Œ to getting by, but it didn't happen. Ran my fastest lap of 1:05.1
Decided to jump in AMO.
In the waaaay back. Thought for sure I'd pick up some more speed in this class, but I'd be horribly wrong.
I was excited to have Rich Enriquez to my left in front of me. My goal? He's got launch control, get a good launch, try and keep up with the R1 and me and him dice are way to mid pack. All wishful thinking.
Light goes out, I launch.....Rich? Rich does not launch, Houston we have a problemπŸ˜‚ I knew immediately launch control wasn't working for him cause I flew by. 
Being in the back sucks. Every thing you have worked on; lines, brake marks... throw it out the window. I just spent the whole race hoping no one would take me out or vice versa. You lose so much time trying to navigate through traffic. In the end I'd finish about 28th.... you'd think that would be last, but far from itπŸ˜…
Big thanks to all my sponsors and those that helped me immensely πŸ™πŸ‘Š
Thank you to my biggest fan and supporter(s) Lindsay Abeyta and my daughter Lyla for always loving me and being there😘