Brandon Blanding - Round 2

This round was definitely an eye opener for me to say the least.

Did not perform my best but definitely did much better than I did during the season opener round and I completed all 5 of my races this DNFs due to mechanical issues and gas!

Novice GTU: 7th
Novice GTO: 12th
Middleweight Endurance: 14th
Amateur GTU: 9th
Amateur GTO: 19th after starting in 2nd wave

Best lap time of the weekend: 1:03.189

Even though I wasn't racing at my full potential, I'm still happy with the fact that I completed all races and was able to dial in the bike a little better and gain greater feel and confidence in the new setup. I'm more so unsatisfied with myself, the reason I said this round was an eye opener is because I finally realized I need to develop a short term memory when it comes to racing crashes and needed to get out of this funk I was in from my season ending crash from last year. 

Nothing against any of the other racers and kudos to the progress many of them have made especially since it makes for more exciting racing, but when I'm getting beat by people I know I'm faster than I realized I was more of my own worst enemy than being on a bike with a new setup and no seat time during off season or between rounds. 

Saturday I wasn't feeling it at all and I was being passive in a lot of areas from braking, to how I attacked the turns and not making passes that I know the true me would have made without a problem. I know I should have been running close to 1:00 lap times but I could barely even break 1:04s. Later during the day I made a suspension change to the rear shock because the bike was squatting far too much when I accelerate out of turns and struggled to gain strong traction during the drive out. 

Sunday I felt much better and was ready for a good day. My goal was to break 1:01s but during both races for the day I found myself battling with other racers for the entire race especially in Amateur GTU which I'm not complaining about because it forced me to wake up and realized I needed to get of my crash haze and actually start racing again if I wanted a shot at overall championship podium finishes. By this time I was feeling like I had finally started to figure out turn 1 which is the turn that will definitely make or break your lap time. This turn definitely forces you to grow a pair, words cannot describe what turn 1 at PPIR is really like when your racing a race pace but once you get it down it is a fun turn. For AmO I had to start in wave 2 and I started off strong was starting to reel in the stragglers of wave 1 back in until I went into turn 3 too hot since I was starting to get my braking confidence back and put the carbon pads to the test but pushed it too far and had to stand the bike back up slowing down way too much which threw my groove way off forcing me to finish as far back as I did.

It's still early in the season and I plan on bringing my 'A' game to Round 3 at Pueblo Motorsports Park. I've been taking it easy but it's time to make the other racers work again.