Dave Stiefvater - Round 3

Round 3 was my best round yet. I was familiar with the track after a private session with Dennis Stowers from Absolute Michelin at the end of last year. I knew I could take certain corners faster, and where most of the braking points and sketchy parts are. Additionally ive been riding my dirt bike more regularly so I'm feeling comfortable with the bike wiggling around. I was able to come in and make some pretty decent times in practice Friday.

Saturday came, and after a long night of car drags and an announcer who wouldn't put the mic down, I felt tired but ready to attack the day ahead.

Saturday practice pulled a few more seconds off my time and we headed into the day's races.

I got the best starts I've had of the season, with each race getting better. My times where consistent. I feel confident, relaxed and smooth. I'm feeling a lot better about being on track with several people, going into corners with them, and jockeying for position. I was able to hold my starting position thru each race.

The last endurance was canceled due to rain, but honestly I was worn out because PMP keeps you busy moving across the bike.

Legion Team pow wow got me excited for 4 hour endurance at round 4

I got some dinner and headed to the free beer and noticed the track was a ghost town from everyone avoiding the rain. But the cooler weather was calming. I crashed out but awoke at 5 a.m. to a beautiful sunrise.
Feeling sore from the day before I was concerned I wouldn't do as well as the previous days. After some stretching and my first practice I felt much better about the day ahead.

Sunday tends to be a short day for me with only 2 races compared to 5 on Saturday. I started the first race off well by passing several riders off the grid. Then late breaking into turn 1.

Sunday sometimes seems to be lazy, Too lazy, having my first race right at the beginning of the day. Then the second being race 9 of the day. Gives you too much time to sit around and muscles get tight.

The second race was fun even with the wind picking up. My start wasn't fabulous due to several riders doing huge wheelies off the line right in front of me. But I held my spot.

Overall a good run for round 3. Feeling more confident with the bike, comfortable and smooth. Looking forward to round 4 at HPR.