Matt Cooper - Round 3

Had a really good practice Saturday morning and was feeling pretty confident, it's the first time I've ever lead a practice session and walked away from the other riders in my practice group, unfortunately there's no trophies for that and no one really cares haha. Friday lapping I was wheeling out of a couple turns so since I can't ever wheelie any other time in my life, I catch John Chadwick (Wicked Photos) and tell him I atleast want to get a wheelie pic this weekend. Cool, he'll be out there for NOV O.

You know how when you're not trying to do something and you end up just doing it any ways and then when you actually are trying it just doesn't happen?

I'm in the front row of the 2nd wave and here's where I've gone all wrong; I have no plan of action for this race other than to get a wheelie pic out of turn 4.

My mind was all over the place and I went painfully slower than practice that morning. Everything I did was pretty bad from BP to entry, apexes, exit...all of it. Poor Chadwick was probably out there thinking to him self "this guy ever gonna wheelie or actually go fast or do anything, catch up maybe?" Lol

Ugh no, I would just suck and chop that up as a total loss.


Morning practice again felt really good. SuperTwins GTO I'd be 2nd row. Excited and hoping for an amazing launch, but I'd end up struggling to get the dam bike into 2nd and would get swallowed up immediately. By the time I get to turn 1 I end up right behind Matt Myers, go figure lol. As I'm following him around trying to decide where I can most likely pass him he decides to take the scenic route off of turn 8. In my mind, I'm like "well shit, that was easy enough". However, he would manage to get back on and work his way back to me and pass me last lap for 6th place. Sneaky, sneaky.

Still my best finish yet and I met my goals for the race. Slowly but surely working my way up there.

Heres the thing, I've worked my way up to the front of our "slow group" in twins. The gap now between me and Matt to the experts is substantial. Like huge. It's not like a half a second or two, its seconds, lots of them. Lol .

With out a tow or a phenomenal launch from the get go I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna close the gap to the rear of that pack. More practice and more races probably will help, but them top 5 are all super fast.

The rest of Sunday would consist of me leaving my truck keys in Lindsay's car. She'd leave early to head home. By the time I'm loaded and ready to go at the end of day.....where's my keys? Fuuuuq me! She'd already be in Brighton. Would you believe me if I told you she drove all the way back to give me those keys?

Was it love or hate that drove her back down here? Lol bit of both I'm sure. To say I owe her is an understatement.