Matt Cooper - Round 1

Suppose I'll write up a personal race report for any one wanting to follow my program this season.

Went out to HPR Thursday night with hopes that the weather would improve for Friday lapping; it did not and I didn't go out. I didn't see much of a reward in maybe getting one good session in during cold and windy temps.

Saturday morning practice would be my first time on the bike at the track since I think August😬 and it felt like it. The weather wasn't helping either. It was cold. 
Raced NovO in the afternoon, started 2nd to last in the 2nd wave. Got a good start and ended up right behind Ryan Heagle and Cody Wright but the red flag went out and we headed back in to restart. It was windy and the rain was just starting to sprinkle a little as we went into the pits.
Weather ended up moving right around us, was still super windy and chilly out there. Restart, my launch was okay but the whole race I couldn't quite get comfortable and never really found my pace. I gotta say starting from the back sucks lol. There is a lot of traffic and you get caught up behind slower riders and if your passing game isn't up to par (like me) then you end up really having your work cut out for you. Having said that though it's a great learning tool and still a blast. Learning to be confident and committed to passing is something i really gotta work on. 
Over all I'd move up 7 spots to finish 23rd.

Sunday. It was sunny and so much warmer. Morning practice was much better, I felt great and was having fun. 
STGTO. I like this class, it's not the meat grinder that NOVO and AMO can be. The top 5 to 8 in this class are some fast dudes.
My goal ultimately is to work my way up there this year and consistently be in the top ten in this class. I Started 5th row in the center. I had a decent launch and moved up to 9th in and behind Bobby Mills. I just kind of played this yo-yo game with him. He was always right there and just when i thought I'd have him in in certain corners, he'd get ahead on the next one. I thought for sure my bike would catch that Ducati on the straights, but it wasn't happening. On the last lap Matt Meyer out braked me into turn 1 and I spent the rest of the lap chasing him down. I was hoping to catch him and battle it out through the last few turns but we caught up to a lapper and Bobby and Matt were able to make the pass just into turn 13 and I got parked lol. SOB😞 
I was still stoked for a solid 10th place finish. 
I dropped my times down 10 seconds from Saturday which had me in the 1:26's and 27's. 
Talking with Matt Meyer afterwards he thought I had slowed up in order for him to catch up and pass me, but looking at the times, I didn't really slow up just dropped 2 seconds that last lap and made it happen. Nice job!
Overall I'm happy with it. Going forward I'm gonna jump in AMO and maybe some endurance races. 
Thank you to all the companies and people that help me out immensely, particulary Lindsay Abeyta for all the love and support
To my Legion of Speed Race Team
Louden Clear Designs Performance Tires for the great rubber
Performance Cycle of Colorado for all my parts and other needs
Imperial Sportbikes for all the support and always keeping my bike ready to rumble
Yamaha Champions Riding School for teaching me to load the tire before i work the tire, to be smooth and crash free.
64 Degree Racing for keeping me nice and cool
Comet Racing Leathers for keeping me safe and looking tits
STOMPGRIP for keeping me in the seat and gripping the tank
Driven Racing
Front Range Engraving
Chicken Hawk Tire warmers
Track shots via the man, WICKed Photos