Brandon Blanding - Round 2

Even though I wasn't racing at my full potential, I'm still happy with the fact that I completed all races and was able to dial in the bike a little better and gain greater feel and confidence in the new setup. I'm more so unsatisfied with myself, the reason I said this round was an eye opener is because I finally realized I need to develop a short term memory when it comes to racing crashes and needed to get out of this funk I was in from my season ending crash from last year. 

Mike Daugherty - Round 2

I myself enjoyed it, at least until I returned to the pit trailing a cloud of rusty steam. Cooper: “Whaddya got going on here. What’s wrong. I think you better check that out.” Goodbye, afternoon of riding. Removing the fairing revealed The Oldest Radiator Ever Made; it looked like one of the steam radiators from our ancient house in Iowa had attached itself to my bike.

Phillip Takahashi - Round 1

First Round of #MRA Season 2019 at #HighPlainsRaceway North Course in the books! Played in 5 races (1 of them new to me) and managed 1st in Amateur GTU and 2nd in Modern Vintage GTU (curse your speed Stowers!). Both these podiums came as a slight surprise; In Amateur GTU I got the hole shot and apparently just left the pack behind (3.5s gap to second place with two BIG mistakes in T13) and I honestly expected some of the veterans that joined in Modern Vintage to blow past me, but I was able to keep them back. To boot, personal best of 1:18.799, not too shabby for an outdated turd! (Moar) Photos and videos to come! Thank you to my #LegionOfSpeed family for helping me out through out both days and being an excellent group to hang out with. And of course thank you to my sponsors #SolPerformance#PirelliNation#VortexRacing, and #HotBodiesRacing. I wouldnt be on course without you guys!
Now to figure out why my bike coolant temps are still ungodly high despite a new radiator and engine😕