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2019 Team 


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7 Rounds

17 Classes - 3 tracks




Our 2019 Schedule

5/4 Suspension Tech Day @Imperial Sportbikes

SAT 5/11- SUN 5/12 - Round 1 at High Plains Raceway

SuperStreet is that Saturday

Sat 6/1 - Sun 6/2 Round 2 at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway

SuperStreet that Saturday

Sat 6/8 Performance Cycle’s Bike Night

Sat 6/22 - Sun 6/23 Round 3 at Pueblo Motorsports Park

SuperStreet that Saturday

Sat 7/13 - Sun 7/14 Round 4 at High Plains Raceway

4 Hour Endurance Race/ NO Superstreet

Sat 8/3 - Sun 8/4 - Round 5 at High Plains Raceway

SuperStreet that Saturday

Fri 8/30-9/2 Weekend Adventure Trip

Sat 9/7 - Sun 9/8 - Round 6 at Pueblo Motorsports Park

SuperStreet that Saturday

Sat 9/28 - Sun 9/29 Round 7 at High Plains Raceway

SuperStreet that Saturday



TEAM Updates



4 Hour Endurance

Heart. Intestinal Fortitude. Focus. Determination. Drive. 

We finished 2nd overall in 2018

2nd in Pony Express(Team Front Range) and 4th place Pony Express ( Team Donek)


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Team Captain: Phillip Takahashi

to be announced

Mike O, Phillip, Chris, Nate M, Lukas (alternate)

Here to set the pace

With a stacked team full of the fastest riders from Legion, this team set out to make a name for itself last year, taking home 2nd place in Pony Express. Will they have what it takes to to earn that 1st place spot this year? Come out and see for yourself.

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Team Captain: KEVIN MADDEN

Nathan B, Mike D, Dave S. & Prat W (Alternate)

The end game

Make no mistake. This team is fast, smooth and constantly knocking off seconds where it matters most. But will it be enough? This team took a respectable 4th place last year. Will heart and determination prevail? Can it be done? Only time will tell, 4 hours to be exact. Come out and watch these guys put in work.



SOLO. 4 straight hours. No Breaks. No Rider Swaps. Just you and your own thoughts.

Brandon Blanding is going to put himself and his machine to the ultimate test. Make no mistake if there is a rider on this team that can go out and win it Solo, it’s him.


 MRA Race Report Blogs…

From the Canyons to the track


It all started….

In October of 2013 I left Ducati Motor Club to start what is now Legion of Speed. It of course was no easy road. I liked a lot of things about DMC, but there were things I thought could be better.

I wanted something that was open to all sport bikes and not limited to just one brand. Plus I can only sit at Starbucks and listen to how great “Rizoma everything is” for so long.

In those early days it was “The Monarchy” and quickly became a canyon carvers group on Meetup. We later merged with another smaller group to form what would be called Legion of Speed. It went through a lot of trials and tribulations though. We would find ourselves sitting down with every one from RC’s to 1% Clubs. Were we to be a MC, a RC or just another sticker group? Are there going to be women? What about other races? (yeah the human kind) What about leadership? Colors? Dues? The list went on and on.

So many questions you wouldn’t realize to have thought you needed the answers to, but the MC world has a long history and very deep roots here in Colorado. When you start forming a large enough group and start putting a name to yourselves you find out very quickly that those answers need to be readily available.

In the end, some things were not meant to be. only a couple of riders from that time frame stuck it out with us. We would learn what true friendship really means and spend some long hard nights thinking about the path we really wanted to go down. Ultimately, it would mean splitting the group just as quickly as it was formed. The MC life was not the route we wanted, nor was the RC route. We did our own thing and kept within the guidelines set forth by those that make such guidelines (If that makes any sense). We formed our bond in the canyons, doing what we loved most; pushing the boundaries of the roads and feeding are adrenaline filled hearts.

We burned bridges that quite frankly we will never cross again, but we built a foundation for something great. Legion of Speed grew a reputation as the “fast guys group”, but how fast? Treating the roads like our own personal track can quickly lead to mishaps. The kind that can have friends taking flight for life off of the mountain passes.

At some point people begin to tell you to take it to the track, which is exactly where we went in 2016. The track is without a doubt addicting and so we found ourselves there more often than not. Taking it to the track though is with out a doubt a humbling experience. In the search for wanting to become better riders we eventually found ourselves attending the MRA’s Race School in 2017. Twenty one of us went, making it one of the largest classes in many years.

In 2018 we went again, and this time, we licensed up. Being that we already had sponsors for our group and already worked closely with local shops, we thought, “why not just do our own team?” So we did just that. Ten riders set out to see what we could accomplish. That grew to 15, making us one the largest amateur road racing teams in the US. A 2nd place overall finish in the 4 hour endurance races had us ecstatic and solidified us as a team.

Our goal?

To just have fun, to give each other support, to cut the costs down, to help each other out, to push our personal limits, to perfect our craft, to show what it really means to be a riding family, to show our community & sponsors that there is still so much passion at not only the amateur level, but riding sport bikes in general. Oh and did I mention to have fun? Simple as that.

For 2019 we return, bigger, better, faster and with even more support. A storm is coming, or maybe it’s an abundance of sunshine in a club that has seen a lot of cloudy days, either way, change is happening and in a good way. Stay tuned because you won’t wanna miss this season!

-Cooper Co Founder & TC